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Vision and Mission

In order to fulfil its purpose, the Hellenic Corporation of Assets and Participations shall act in an independent and professional manner with a long-term vision in achieving its results, in accordance with its Rules of Procedure. It shall also act to guarantee full transparency, with a view to enhance the value of its portfolio and to generate and contribute resources.

(a) for the implementation of Greece's investment strategy and economic growth, and
(b) for the reduction of the financial obligations of the Hellenic Republic.

The Corporation may take any action necessary to achieve its purpose within the framework laid down by the law.

HCAP’s vision is:

● To establish appropriate and effective cooperation consultation procedures with all interested parties of its external and internal environment, including the citizens,

● to cultivate the reputation of an organisation that applies high standards of transparency, accountability and corporate governance,

● to develop a new corporate culture that will be based on transparency, meritocracy and accountability for HCAP and of the participations under management. To shape a comprehensive strategy.