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The Hellenic Corporation of Assets and Participations S.A. (“HCAP” or the “Corporation”) operates in the public interest, in accordance with the rules of the private economy. It is set up to serve a specific public purpose. Its long-term vision is to enhance the value and improve the performance of its portfolio of assets under management, by assessing and promoting the best available strategies and by targeting operational efficiencies. The Corporation shall also promote reforms of public undertakings through restructuring, good corporate governance and transparency and by fostering accountable administration, social responsibility, innovation and best practices.
HCAP is a holding company governed by the provisions of Law 4389/2016 as amended and in force (hereunder the “Law” or the “founding law”) and in addition, the provisions of codified Law 2190/1920. The Corporation is not part of the public or the wider public sector, as currently defined. Provisions concerning public undertakings, with the meaning of Law 3429/2005 shall not apply to the Corporation, unless this is expressly provided in Law 4389/2016.