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Request for Proposal for the selection of an advisor to provide advisory services to HCAP in relation to EDIS


A.   Pursuant to Article 185 of Law 4389/2016 (Government Gazette A’94):

1. The Hellenic Corporation of Assets and Participations (“HCAP” or “Corporation”) operates in the public interest in accordance with the rules of private industry. In particular, the Corporation manages and uses its assets in order to:

     (a) contribute resources for the implementation of Greece's investment policy and to make investments that contribute to strengthening the development of the Greek economy, and
     (b) contribute to reducing the financial obligations of the Hellenic Republic, in accordance with Law 4336/2015.

2. In order to fulfil its purpose, the Corporation shall act in an independent and professional manner with a long-term vision in achieving its results, in accordance with its rules of procedure; it shall also act to guarantee full transparency, with a view to enhancing the value and improving the performance of the abovementioned assets as well as generating revenue which is distributed in accordance with Law 4389/2016. Furthermore, the Corporation shall promote reforms of public undertakings, inter alia, through restructuring, good corporate governance and transparency and by fostering accountable administration, social responsibility, sustainability, innovation and good corporate practices.  

3. The Corporation may take any action necessary to achieve its purpose within the framework laid down by this Law....


Update: «Cancellation of procedure.»


Request for Proposal for the selection of an advisor to provide strategic advisory services to Hellenic Corporation of Assets and Participations S.A.  in relation to the Public Holdings Company (‘’EDIS’’)